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September 14, 2016

How will Hangzhou develop after the G20 Summit

The G20 Summit is a big event for Hangzhou and we all have seen its success. The leaders from 20 countries discussed about the development of global economy and planned how to keep the ecomony healthy and fast.

About Hangzhou, the center of the G20 Summit, will change its industrial transformation and get the ecomony and make it develop repidly.


First of all, the Polluting industries will be decreased. The G20 blue sky will remain over the Hangzhou citizen for a long time. We need the fresh air and clean water to keep our health.


Second, Service Industry will develop more and more comprehensive. We all know that the Service Industry is the best service becase it doesn't have that much pollution.


And the High pollution factory will move out from Hangzhou to other city nearby. It can also help periphery cities develop and lower the emission of CO2 .


In that way, Hangzhou will become a first-class city sooner or later.

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