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November 17, 2020

The Correct Method of Cleaning the Frame Filter Press Filter Cloth

After a long time use, many parts of frame press filter are easy to accumulate dust,which causes blockage.
It will affect the use of frame filter press, so the cleaning is needed .
Today we will talk about the right cleaning method for the press filter.
Plate and frame filter press cloth with close hole processing weaving knit, thus resulting in a special structure of the filter cloth, which makes the depth solid particles of the filter cloth not easy to discharge.
Once these particles are accumulated and block the filter cloth .So it will make the frame filter press performance ineffective.Therefore, we need to periodically filter the fabric filter press cloth.
Before cleaning, we need to understand the nature of the filter press plate filter, so choose the corresponding cleaning method.If the filtrate is acidic, we should choose a weak base of water to soak the filter cloth. The general time to soak 10 to 24 hours.Then the cloth gently rub a few times with water after cleaning. It can be used again.
Also for acidic or neutral filtrates we only have to change the soaked solution to a weakly acidic one. It is worth to add that, when the filter has adhesion, we also need to add some corresponding diluent in the effervescent liquid can achieve better washing effect.

The above is the correct way to clean frame filter press cloth. After the long time use of frame filter press, we must remember that its various components for proper cleaning, so as to make it the effect Play better.
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